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About The Saranrom Institute of Foreign Affair

    Established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 24 February 2003 as a semi–autonomous academic institute, the Saranrom Institute of Foreign Affairs (SIFA) is dedicated to facilitating interchange on foreign policy issues and to fostering a better appreciation and understanding of international affairs.  SIFA’s activities have been funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in both financial and human resources.


Taking part of creating foreign policies of most benefit for Thailand and leading to great relationship with worldwide countries. In the meantime, Thai people have good knowledge and better understanding of foreign affairs in order to cope with the dynamic world.

1. To promote public awareness and understanding of current foreign policy issues 2. To create opportunities for policy and issue-related discussions to assist in formulating and conducting the foreign policy.
3. To encourage studies and analyses of relevant policies and issues in various aspects of international affairs, namely:

  • International politics
  • International organizations
  • International economics
  • Strategic studies
  • International law


In order to accomplish SIFA's vision and mission, activities are set as follow:

1. Organize seminars in various subjects regarding foreign affairs
2. Arrange discussion sessions with academic institutes regularly
3. Support researches related to foreign affairs and relationship with other countries
4. Create network with similar institutes in both domestic and international level